Impressive Slavic fashion is heavily influenced by Byzantine culture. It focuses on modern women who enjoy embroidery, beads, and a gorgeous headdress. Find in this book Slavic rules of style and follow them if you like this kind of fashionable look.

Slavic women are beautiful and sincere. It’s not a cliché or stereotype for almost every representative of the Western word. Their looks and makeup impress foreigners who dare to understand local traditions and history.

Many famous designers bring folkloric style from Slavic countries into their modern day collections.

Do you like their play on Slavic style? What’s more fascinating than heavy coats, layered dresses and peasant sleeves bringing forward memories of the countryside? An immaculate attention to detail is a distinctive feature of highly popular worldwide Slavic style.

If you like this trend, find even more interesting details:

  • Romantic garments enjoy splendid use of gold, tulle, appliques, and floral motifs. Thin waists and sleek silhouettes are very attractive.
  • One of the first prominent designers to pay tribute to Slavic culture and its folk garments was Yves Saint Laurent. His several collections of different years included peasant costumes, lavish embroidery, and fur trims. He is followed by Dior and Valentino to name just a few.
  • Ready-to-wear clothing brings together simplicity and the chic aesthetic. Lavish textiles with scarlet and golden hues allow the ensembles to speak for themselves. There are evident hints of Slavic style in Cossack-themed pants and shirts.

Nowadays, the fashion industry inspired by above mentioned trends is thriving, mostly thanks to social media. Well, Fashion weeks are important events but Instagram is a superb option for labels and brands to show off their creations and share their philosophy. Many Slavic countries experienced an arrival of Vogue to their media scenes. This influential magazine with local editorial rooms has given young brands more exposure and created collaboration opportunities. The emerging fashion talents such as designers, stylists, photographers, and models are happy to express their ideas.

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